Transforming increased oversight into a competitive advantage

Today’s organizations must protect sensitive data and applications by managing access privileges for staff, business partners, customers and the occasional outside user. Knowing who they are, how they are authenticated and what they can access can become costly and ineffective. BrickRed Systems offers identity and access management solutions to help you efficiently manage user identities across multiple systems and applications. Depending on your needs, we offer fully outsourced solutions, co-managed opportunities, or we can help you build a comprehensive in-house solution.

Our services can help develop a management strategy for the identity and access of your employees, develop a self-serve account management strategy to control help-desk costs, automate the management of authentication mechanisms to increase security, and provide a centralized, authoritative source of user identities, which will facilitate access management.

BrickRed Systems’ identity and access management professionals have extensive experience in a broad variety of identity environments – from companies with users who have unsubstantiated credentials to highly trusted and proofed systems. We can assist you in defining a strategy, establishing policies, certifying environments and tools, federating partners, product selection and system deployment.

Our services include:

  • Access Management Policy & Standards
  • Identity and Access Management, Design & Implementation
  • Identity Credential Selection
  • Identity Federation Strategy & Implementation

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