Enterprise-Class Development Solutions

Enterprise-Class Development Solutions

Our developers create applications with 360-degree viewing experience, covering every aspect of the entire enterprise application development process, and enabling businesses to easily manage their ERP, CRM, SCM, and business objectives.​

Reduce operational costs and speed time to market

Reduce operational costs and speed time to market

By integrating data, and advanced automation, our management services deliver operational efficiencies that lower costs and implement intelligent business processes.​

Achieve enhanced visibility and security

Achieve enhanced visibility and security

Our integrated multi-cloud management platform provides end-to-end visibility in the hybrid environment for better control over your business processes through a single pane of glass.​

We assist businesses in developing and scaling product management capabilities in order to
set and achieve ambitious product goals.​

About BrickRed Systems

Innovative Applications for a Connected World​

Web development, mobile app development, and desktop app development are among the services we offer. Web development creates applications that can be accessed through a web browser, whereas mobile app development creates applications that can be installed and run-on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Desktop app development entails creating applications that can be installed and run-on desktop and laptop computers.​

Innovative Applications for a Connected World​

We specialize in developing customized software for businesses and organizations. Our services cover a wide range of activities, including requirements gathering, design, development, testing, and deployment. We provide maintenance and support services in addition to custom application development to help clients keep their applications running smoothly.​

Software Development Cycle
Test API, Web And Mobile Applications

Transform Your Ideas into Reality​​

We assist you in improving your operations, streamlining your processes, or developing new products and services. Working with our experienced application development team allows your company to benefit from the expertise and knowledge of professionals who are skilled at developing high-quality software solutions that meet the specific needs of their clients.​

Experience the Future of Business with Our Advanced Applications​​

Our team of experienced application developers specializes in creating custom software solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. From requirements gathering to design, development, testing, and deployment, we handle every step of the process to ensure that you get a high-quality solution that meets your goals. Plus, we offer ongoing maintenance and support to keep your applications running smoothly.​

Development, Testing, And Operations Teams

BrickRed Systems Develops the Software That Works for Your Business

Businesses often require a range of software solutions to meet their specific company’s requirements and their customers’ needs. BrickRed Systems’ experienced professionals work with your stakeholders and development teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of the organizations’ processes, so we can outline and develop the best custom-software options – utilizing the latest technology for your business and its vision.

BrickRed Systems can develop, test and integrate the following software options for your business:

  • Enterprise Portals
  • Document Management Solutions
  • E-commerce Applications
  • Business Applications
  • Automation Software
  • Device Specific Applications
  • Web-based Applications

BrickRed Systems has representatives that work with your business both on- and off-site as well as nationally and internationally. We provide an efficient, predictable and stable software partnership that will create, test and implement custom solutions – on time and budget.

Software Begins with Your Business’ Needs and Goals

We begin each custom software solution with an analysis of your business. By knowing how your business operates as well as its goals, our professional technicians will develop custom software that works specifically for your business. Developing a user analysis as well as use cases for each department, we will be able to determine exactly how to meet your company’s software needs. Using this information, BrickRed Systems determines the software solutions that best helps your business to complete its goals effectively.

During the development process, BrickRed Systems iteratively tests your software with customers and your business’ team members. Our agile development process ensures that your software is highly usable, applicable for its purpose and well designed for its users. Through our iterative development process, BrickRed Systems tests your software, makes any necessary alterations and retests the software to guarantee its quality.

BrickRed Systems’ onshore/offshore software development is a cost-effective solution to your business needs.

BrickRed Systems Uses the Latest Technology to Develop Your Custom Software

Understanding your business and customer’s requirements determines the technologies that we use to develop your business’ software. Our software expertise includes

Operating Systems Expertise

  • Windows®
  • Mac® OS X®
  • Linux®
  • iOS®
  • Windows Phone®
  • Android

Programming Expertise

  • C, C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • .Net Framework
  • Objective – C


  • MySQL®
  • Oracle®

Cloud Services

  • Microsoft® SharePoint®
  • Microsoft® Azure®
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Our diverse range of professional expertise in a multitude of technologies, permits us to alter your software and business processes to include all the utilities that are integral to your institution. We utilize Microsoft SharePoint and Azure to internally manage and share your valuable information on a secure database. BrickRed Systems also engages in the critical development of Azure-based applications that induce automation and perform data cleanups etc. As a software developer, BrickRed Systems will successfully gauge your business requirements to fulfill the same on a timely and budgetary basis. We aim to embody a symbiosis that will eventually increase your business’s effectiveness.

Our Cross-Platform Application Development Services

Android App Development Platform

We create web and mobile apps for Android devices using top Android app development tools like Android Studio, Eclipse, and IntelliJ IDEA.​

iOS App Development Platform

We create web and mobile apps for iOS devices using XCode, AppCode, CodeRunner, RxSwift, Mockingbird, CocoaPods, Applyzer, Alcatraz, Marvel, and other tools.​

Windows App Development Platform

We provide Windows app development services, such as creating highly immersive experiences with.NET frameworks and Microsoft Visual Studio

Custom APIs

We leverage the powerful data-sharing capabilities of third-party APIs in your existing business systems. We even create custom APIs to extend the functionality of your existing app, improve performance, and much more.​​

About BrickRed Systems

Our DevOps Services

We help you to identify your strengths, and weaknesses and suggest the next steps for your Azure DevOps journey. Our Azure DevOps Maturity Assessment helps organizations who have started their Azure DevOps journey or are planning to. We identify your current state of maturity & challenges spanning development, deployment, and sustenance.

Let us help you deliver consistent and personalized interactions with our services.

Other Technology Services

Faster deployment

Frequent updates of the project’s features and delivery help deploy the deliverables faster

Minimal cost of production

Bring both maintenance and new updates under a single umbrella to save on management and production cost

Improvement in quality of the product

A continuous improvement model because of collaboration between the operation and development teams leads to significantly better product quality

Exceptional problem solving technologies

With quicker solutions to technical errors in the projects, the problem-solving technique ensures quality products

Better innovation in the final product

Agility in DevOps leaves the scope of innovation at each step leading to a product that is ready to compete in the market.

Other Product Engineering Services

Ensure service resiliency and business continuity through a continuous journey from
creative ideas, design, development, testing, and release to re-engineering.

Business Analysis

Unleash Your Business Potential with the Power of Business Analysis

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Project Management

Create products that deliver success and value with world-class Product Management.

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DevOps Services

We empower, lead and accelerate DevOps adoption to drive digital transformation

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Application Modernization

Drive continuous cloud modernization on any platform and Achieve enhanced visibility, security and resiliency with our Application Modernization services

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Application Support

We offer on-demand and ongoing app maintenance and development services based on tried-and-true methodologies to keep your apps running and generating revenue at peak capacity.

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UI/UX Design and development

With our UI/UX Designs, we inspire possibility and apply innovation with our engineers proficient in programming languages, frameworks, databases, and development tools

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Case Studies

Rapid solutions to the most complex business
challenges with cooperative process-driven methodology

What Our Customers Say About Us

I had a great experience working with Brickred Systems. With the team's attention to detail and great technical solutions, I won't hesitate to bring more projects in the future.

Director@H.H. Brown Shoe Company

Brickred Systems has delivered exceptional results in every challenging situation considering all the business requirements. I really appreciate the team for putting in all the hard work with such professionalism, and I will surely engage with them for my upcoming projects.

Mr. Chand Bhandari

I had a great experience working with Brickred Systems. With the team's attention to detail and great technical solutions, I won't hesitate to bring more projects in the future.

Puja C

The Brickred team added such great value to our project with their work. From macro management to the micromanagement of the project, I am really happy with the determination to finish the project with perfection. Looking forward to working with the team again.

Paul T
Stanley Black & Decker

Brickred Systems has delivered exceptional results in every challenging situation considering all the business requirements. I really appreciate the team for putting in all the hard work with such professionalism, and I will surely engage with them for my upcoming projects.

Anand J

The Brickred team is a very competent and professional group of Security Specialists who have demonstrated an ability to provide excellent results. We are extremely happy with our working relations with Brickred and look forward to engaging them on future projects.

Katherine C

We were struggling to keep up with the demands of our customers and needed to find a way to increase our capacity. Industry 4.0 services provided us with the automation and data analysis capabilities we needed to optimize our operations. The implementation of advanced robotic systems and machine learning algorithms has allowed us to increase production speed and accuracy, which has led to a significant increase in sales. The service has been a game changer for our business.

CTO@Stanley Black and Decker