Consulting Services

Improving IT Operations and Infrastructure

We help you to optimize your IT infrastructure and operations by providing expertise and guidance by designing and implementing cloud computing systems, which can provide a flexible and scalable platform for hosting applications and data.​


Enhancing Security and Compliance

We help you to protect your systems and data and ensure compliance with regulations and standards. We provide guidance on how to implement and maintain secure systems while providing training to staff on how to handle sensitive data appropriately.​


Supporting Innovation

We support you in your efforts to innovate and drive digital transformation within your organizations. We provide expertise and guidance on how to identify and implement new technologies that can support innovation and digital transformation, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).​

Our IT Industry-specific Services​​

For over ten years, we’ve been working with DevOps, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Image Annotation, Application Modernization, Service now, and many more for enterprise clients​

We provide all of the services required to manage your company’s IT needs. Brickred Systems provides complete IT Support for your business, allowing you to relax knowing that your IT needs are being met. We offer a variety of flexible IT support packages that allow your small or medium-sized business to completely outsource its IT infrastructure, allowing you to focus solely on business operations.​

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Software Development Cycle

Accelerate your software delivery with DevOps​​

We combine software development (Dev) and information technology operations (Ops) to reduce the time it takes to deliver new features, products, and services. Our goal is to improve collaboration and communication between development and operations teams so that they can work together to provide value to customers more quickly and reliably.​Our experts assist businesses in adopting and implementing DevOps practices and tools. Consulting, training, and support for implementing continuous integration, continuous delivery, and infrastructure as code are among our services.​

Accelerate time to value with Salesforce’s out-of-the-box capabilities​​

Our salesforce services are compatible with a wide range of other tools and systems, including marketing automation platforms, financial software, and customer service systems. You can keep all of your customer data in one place, making it easier to track and manage customer interactions and provide a consistent experience to your customers.​

​With our Salesforce services’ robust analytics and reporting capabilities, you can track the success of your sales efforts and identify areas for improvement.​

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Development, Testing, And Operations Teams

Improving Efficiency with ServiceNow Expertise​​

ServiceNow’s ITOM solution aims at delivering three important aspects for your ITOps team – service visibility, service availability, and service agility. By implementing the ITOM solution, you can gain end-to-end visibility into the business.​

We provide end-to-end customer services with faster resolution fixing the root cause of the issues. ServiceNow gives your customers a portal that delivers an effortless self‑service experience. The solution connects people, workflow, and processes to engage across departments in case management and resolution.​

Maximize Your Investment in New Technologies with Seamless Data Migration​​

BrickRed Systems is committed to ensuring that after migration, your SAP System continues to be a stable product with high availability and security and sufficient performance for everyday business. ​

We help businesses become more data-driven on their digital transformation journey by leveraging our deep expertise in all aspects of data and analytics. ​

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Software Development Cycle

Experience the Future of Business with Our Advanced Applications​

Our team of experienced application developers specializes in creating custom software solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. From requirements gathering to design, development, testing, and deployment, we handle every step of the process to ensure that you get a high-quality solution that meets your goals. Plus, we offer ongoing maintenance and support to keep your applications running smoothly.​

Dynamic User Designs, Smarter User Navigation​

We always pay special attention to the needs and requirements of end users in order to increase the target audience and ROI for our customers. Our skilled team applies the best practices and concepts for maximizing the efficiency and usability of the design.​

Our UX design approach is rooted in collaborative and iterative design, and our participatory mindset ensures that the end user is at the heart of everything we do. Because we understand that every project is unique, we offer a range of services from UX research to interaction design and even full usability audits. Whatever your needs – you can rely on us to deliver.​ ​

Test API, Web And Mobile Applications
About BrickRed Systems

Our DevOps Services

We help you to identify your strengths, and weaknesses and suggest the next steps for your Azure DevOps journey. Our Azure DevOps Maturity Assessment helps organizations who have started their Azure DevOps journey or are planning to. We identify your current state of maturity & challenges spanning development, deployment, and sustenance.

Let us help you deliver consistent and personalized interactions with our services.

Other Technology Services

Faster deployment

Frequent updates of the project’s features and delivery help deploy the deliverables faster

Minimal cost of production

Bring both maintenance and new updates under a single umbrella to save on management and production cost

Improvement in quality of the product

A continuous improvement model because of collaboration between the operation and development teams leads to significantly better product quality

Exceptional problem solving technologies

With quicker solutions to technical errors in the projects, the problem-solving technique ensures quality products

Better innovation in the final product

Agility in DevOps leaves the scope of innovation at each step leading to a product that is ready to compete in the market.

Our Industries Solutions Services

The BrickRed Systems ServiceNow Business Group offers industry and domain-focused
solutions designed to deliver tangible, positive outcomes for clients at scale.


Deliver connected experiences to drive efficiency and create a single view of every patient and member through our Healthcare services

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Put customer magic in every shopping experience. Use connected, harmonized data to engage in every experience for shoppers with our Retail Services

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With Dynamics 365, you can achieve a resilient future by driving innovation, optimizing operations, deepening customer relationships, and achieving long-term growth in Manufacturing Industries.

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With our Telecommunications Services, we intelligently deliver real-time personalized experiences to every consumer and business.

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Case Studies

Rapid solutions to the most complex business
challenges with cooperative process-driven methodology

What Our Customers Say About Us

I had a great experience working with Brickred Systems. With the team's attention to detail and great technical solutions, I won't hesitate to bring more projects in the future.

Director@H.H. Brown Shoe Company

Brickred Systems has delivered exceptional results in every challenging situation considering all the business requirements. I really appreciate the team for putting in all the hard work with such professionalism, and I will surely engage with them for my upcoming projects.

Mr. Chand Bhandari

I had a great experience working with Brickred Systems. With the team's attention to detail and great technical solutions, I won't hesitate to bring more projects in the future.

Puja C

The Brickred team added such great value to our project with their work. From macro management to the micromanagement of the project, I am really happy with the determination to finish the project with perfection. Looking forward to working with the team again.

Paul T
Stanley Black & Decker

Brickred Systems has delivered exceptional results in every challenging situation considering all the business requirements. I really appreciate the team for putting in all the hard work with such professionalism, and I will surely engage with them for my upcoming projects.

Anand J

The Brickred team is a very competent and professional group of Security Specialists who have demonstrated an ability to provide excellent results. We are extremely happy with our working relations with Brickred and look forward to engaging them on future projects.

Katherine C

We were struggling to keep up with the demands of our customers and needed to find a way to increase our capacity. Industry 4.0 services provided us with the automation and data analysis capabilities we needed to optimize our operations. The implementation of advanced robotic systems and machine learning algorithms has allowed us to increase production speed and accuracy, which has led to a significant increase in sales. The service has been a game changer for our business.

CTO@Stanley Black and Decker