Why BrickRed Systems

Quality Staff

Take advantage of our extensive experience and expertise in business and technology consulting and IT services. Our Knowledge Services include a range of sophisticated research and analytics services designed to support businesses, financial services firms, market research and consulting firms, and other information-intensive industries

Full-cycle testing services

Optimum utilization of the resources

KPO enables optimum utilization of scarce resources. Outsourcing helps to capture new efficiencies and reallocate the resources. This increases the efficiency and productivity.

Systems & platforms

Reduction in cost

KPO sector can help firms, especially start-ups, reduce operating costs and fill the gap or need for experts. Outsourcing helps the company maintain lower rates with better service solutions, thereby giving you a better market position and even a competitive advantage.

BrickRed Outsource Knowledge Processing Services
In Different Industry Verticals

Software Development Cycle

Data Analytics

Data analysis services allow businesses to get their data collected, processed, and presented to them in the form of actionable insights while avoiding investments in the development and administration of an analytics solution. With 11 years of experience in data analytics, BrickRed is a reliable outsourcing partner for companies that want to gain quick, frequent, and flexible analytical insights out of their data.

Human Resources Research Services

BrickRed makes it easy to conduct HR surveys at every point of the employee lifecycle. And with a holistic view of employee experience, your team can pinpoint key drivers of engagement and receive targeted actions to drive meaningful improvement. We conduct high quality Research on Human resource issues, develops products, and provides services to develop and apply state-of-the-art science and technology to improve the performance of individuals and teams within the organization.

Development, Testing, And Operations Teams
About BrickRed Systems

Business and Technical Analysis

We count business and technical analysis among our strongest competitive advantages. Every consultant on our staff is an analyst and expert problem solver. Our analysis services focus on defining and elaborating business needs that are aligned to strategic vision, are feasible to implement and will add measurable business value. Our business analysis consulting services help you deliver consistent, predictable project results with business analysis services that help you capture the requirements accurately the first time – and boost productivity with deeper domain knowledge.

Financial Research Services

we help make informed business decisions by providing you with accurate financial research and analysis reports. To provide you with insightful inputs we offer a comprehensive range of reporting services. These include company profiling, sector analysis, briefing packs, analyst commentary on research reports, pitch books for investment opportunities, comparable company analysis and many more.

Test API, Web And Mobile Applications
Realtime Health Check Of The Release Cycle

Marketing Research Services

Run your market research in house, with help from our experts. From global surveys to survey consulting and reporting–choose from bundled market research services that will help businesses identify growth opportunities and build a competitive strategy based on deep understanding of customers and the overall marketplace.

Business Research Services

Effective market research for your business can help you in gaining competitive advantage. By outsourcing your Business Research Services to BrickRed, you can leverage your business with effective Prospect Research and support the decision-making process.

AI-Powered Test Automation Reports

Our KPO Services

Data Collection

We provide various data collection resources to serve both internal and client related data collection objectives.

Analytics And Data Mining

We have experience gathering, filtering, cleaning, and harmonizing data from a variety of sources.

Moderating content

Our resources work in real time to moderate content, ensuring the credibility of each platform and allowing users to post and upload freely without risking their safety.

Data Interpretation

Processes for marking data to make it available for machine learning and AI are among our specialties. We can mark any form of data, including images, audio, text, and video.

Data Annotation

We are one of the leading data annotation service providers and can help you with any of your data annotation needs. Right from complex documents to critical images, our data annotation professionals precisely tag the data you require to train your models.

About BrickRed Systems

Our DevOps Services

We help you to identify your strengths, and weaknesses and suggest the next steps for your Azure DevOps journey. Our Azure DevOps Maturity Assessment helps organizations who have started their Azure DevOps journey or are planning to. We identify your current state of maturity & challenges spanning development, deployment, and sustenance.

Let us help you deliver consistent and personalized interactions with our services.

Other Technology Services

Faster deployment

Frequent updates of the project’s features and delivery help deploy the deliverables faster

Minimal cost of production

Bring both maintenance and new updates under a single umbrella to save on management and production cost

Improvement in quality of the product

A continuous improvement model because of collaboration between the operation and development teams leads to significantly better product quality

Exceptional problem solving technologies

With quicker solutions to technical errors in the projects, the problem-solving technique ensures quality products

Better innovation in the final product

Agility in DevOps leaves the scope of innovation at each step leading to a product that is ready to compete in the market.

Other Business Process Services

Experience a framework for accomplishing tasks and goals with functional services such as HR, Finance, Accounting, Process Automation, KPO, and many more


Unlocking transformative value with our Finance Services We assist clients in resolving complex business and transaction issues, including the analysis of alternatives

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Outrank your competition with Accounting services. With our financial analyst, accountant, tax accountant, virtual bookkeeper, and payroll specialist, we help you grow.

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Order Management Processing

Exceed customer expectations and differentiate your brand with our ​ Order Management Processing

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Process Automation

Process Automation: With low-code tools, process experts can quickly create automation.

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Content Management

Content Moderation Outsourcing: Safeguard brand reputation with exceptional ugc-filtering services

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Back Office

Back Office Support Optimize Your Operations By Outsourcing Data Entry,Digitization, And Image Editing Tasks With BrickRed Systems.

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With our HR Services, we recruit more intelligently and without limitations

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Case Studies

Rapid solutions to the most complex business
challenges with cooperative process-driven methodology

What Our Customers Say About Us

I had a great experience working with Brickred Systems. With the team's attention to detail and great technical solutions, I won't hesitate to bring more projects in the future.

Director@H.H. Brown Shoe Company

Brickred Systems has delivered exceptional results in every challenging situation considering all the business requirements. I really appreciate the team for putting in all the hard work with such professionalism, and I will surely engage with them for my upcoming projects.

Mr. Chand Bhandari

I had a great experience working with Brickred Systems. With the team's attention to detail and great technical solutions, I won't hesitate to bring more projects in the future.

Puja C

The Brickred team added such great value to our project with their work. From macro management to the micromanagement of the project, I am really happy with the determination to finish the project with perfection. Looking forward to working with the team again.

Paul T
Stanley Black & Decker

Brickred Systems has delivered exceptional results in every challenging situation considering all the business requirements. I really appreciate the team for putting in all the hard work with such professionalism, and I will surely engage with them for my upcoming projects.

Anand J

The Brickred team is a very competent and professional group of Security Specialists who have demonstrated an ability to provide excellent results. We are extremely happy with our working relations with Brickred and look forward to engaging them on future projects.

Katherine C

We were struggling to keep up with the demands of our customers and needed to find a way to increase our capacity. Industry 4.0 services provided us with the automation and data analysis capabilities we needed to optimize our operations. The implementation of advanced robotic systems and machine learning algorithms has allowed us to increase production speed and accuracy, which has led to a significant increase in sales. The service has been a game changer for our business.

CTO@Stanley Black and Decker