The test automation suite has become an evident part of the software development infrastructure for any software-based business. The growing popularity of the online platform among users is one of the main reasons that businesses are seeking online avenues to reach out to their customers.

Increasingly fierce competition between test automation suite web-based platforms coupled with easier access gives users numerous options from which to choose.

It stands to reason that your business will have to have offer more value for products and services to retain your customer/users as well as attract new customers.

So, how do we delight our current customers/users and attract new ones? By delivering a high-quality product in a short amount of time. We have seen testing gaining prominence in the SDLC, which aims to deliver just that.

ROI (Return on Investment) from Test Automation

Dedicated automation testing suites are employed by businesses to get Quality Assurance with more precision and in a lesser time frame. Using a conventional test automation system might not be as efficient as was once thought, which is why ROI (Return on Investment) from Test Automation is essential to keep track of the efficiency of the practices put in place.

Of course, you always have the opportunity to leverage the best advanced technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to monitor and overhaul your existing automation suite for better results for optimizing ROI.

AI and Test Automation: Stronger Together

AI has gained a lot of traction in the last decade due to its exemplary applications that have opened new avenues for technological advancements. It has changed the face of many industries through its breakthrough applications that have improved overall efficiency with due precision.

Using AI with your existing test automation system will result in understanding your system with greater clarity. AI can study and analyze the algorithms with high accuracy in a limited time frame to generate analytics and insights.

AI, when used to evaluate your existing test automation system in different settings through various dimensions, gives a very detailed report that can be helpful in overhauling the system at many levels, for optimum performance.

Through predictive analysis (which happens to be a key strength of Artificial Intelligence) various test scenarios and numerous cases can be analyzed with the right permutation and combination algorithms for comprehensive research.

The insights generated not only highlights the evaluation of ROI, but also considers all the possible solutions and the expected performance output, in order to suggest the best possible actions for optimum results. In this way, AI not only assists in conducting a precise evaluation of ROI from your existing test automation system but also scrutinize future possibilities through possible solutions for a well-rounded insightful approach.

AI services, such as Machine Learning, Predictive Analysis, and Deep Learning, help test automation adapt to the dynamic business requirements and evaluate its performance in every scenario, finding the pros while highlighting the tough spots that need attention.

Throughout the AI-based analysis, the test automation suite can be made to deliver optimal results. Much like a tailored system that conforms exclusively with the ongoing needs of the business, it gives the best performance under the current circumstances with the scope to improve in the future.

AI can shape the journey of continuous improvement for your test automation system through Machine Learning algorithms, which focus on the real-time responses.

How does AI and Test Automation Work Together to Deliver Excellence?

For every release cycle, all the possible business scenarios and prepared test cases are fed into the system, which uses the AI algorithms to process the information. Based on these inputs, the performance of the test automation suite is evaluated at both the macro and micro levels by scrutinizing all the possible chances of errors, defects, and their consequences.

This information is used to generate the ROI report for the existing test automation plan, with details like areas of strength, scope of improvement, while highlighting areas where performance is lower than expected. For such areas where the problems can be sensed by the system, possible solutions are recommended with their expected outcomes and consequences.

These detailed insights help you make well-informed business decisions that are logical and solely based on the performance criteria. As a result of this, the ROI and product quality both increases significantly, promoting the overall growth of the business.

Moreover, Machine Learning, as it is known for learning from the constant user response and using it to enhance the user experience through customization, would work in a similar way in this case, too. Here, the software’s response and user experience captured in each of the scenarios will be used to enhance the testing process through the fine-tuning of the expected outcomes. This is beneficial in creating a custom test automation suite that is dedicated to your core business requirements.

AI is an invaluable tool for the optimization of your existing test automation system and is highly recommended to attain excellence in your test automation landscape..

The Next Step

To attain a high-end quality of the software product/service delivered, tracking ROI from the test automation system of your business is essential. This will not only heighten customer satisfaction

through a good user experience and high quality but will also help your business in managing costs for better profitability.

In order to find the right testing suite that could help you deliver the advanced features efficiently within the short time-frame of every release cycle, leveraging the power of an advanced technology like AI is vital.

Through the use of modern technology coupled with having the right tech partner with an interdisciplinary approach and a strong technical background, will help you, not only locate the issues within your existing test automation system, but will overhaul them for the best results

UReport (Unified Report Platform) by BrickRed Systems is one such solution that offers the in-depth monitoring and multi-dimensional evaluation of your test automation system using Artificial Intelligence. It offers a one-stop comprehensive platform that is compatible with all test frameworks, while making the best use of important information through advanced algorithms.

As a result, comprehensive and detailed insights are available for your business management team to use it for improving their product delivery. This will help them make well-informed decisions related to the Test Automation of a product while delivering excellence to the end-user, without going overbudget.

Try advanced AI algorithms to optimize your existing test automation suite. You won’t be disappointed.

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