While many companies today understand the importance of implementing effective test automation into their processes, not all manage to do it properly. When you’re part of a Software Development team, you hear it time and time again: “We don’t know if QA Automation is effective” . This Automation results and data holds the keys to valuable insights. Organizations that unlock these insights can create better experiences for customers and gain a huge competitive advantage.

An increasing number of managers yearn for QA Automation report to help them make major decisions in the organization, so a Manager dashboard that utilizes valuable metrics has become critical for any successful company. When designed correctly, a good QA dashboard can help a company track strengths and weaknesses, show performance and quality of a product.
Unfortunately many out of box dashboards from existing framework use ineffective reporting visualization and matrix that ultimately confuse the viewers rather than accurately direct future success. Selecting the QA metrics that matter and building dashboards based on these metrics deliver actionable insight and drive product quality and smooth release.

A QA dashboard should be considered your company’s single source of truth. Any stakeholder can look at it and immediately get a sense of how the product is doing and where it stands in relation to its own goals, its competitors and overall market.

All executive strive to optimize business processes, become more efficient and increase productivity. The challenge is understanding where improvements can be made that will impact a product quality, performance and release. To keep executives calm and teams focused, you need a QA dashboard based on key metrics that is used as the foundation for all decision making. QA Dashboards that are accessible to all team members, as well as to management, become the lifeblood of the stakeholders. But how often have you presented and agreed upon QA dashboard only to be asked for additional data points or for a dissection of the data in ways you hadn’t anticipated?

The true powers of metrics and QA dashboards is the confidence of having a single source of truth and the ability to drill down or step back to view a big picture perspective of the QA data. Brickred System’s UReport is a single solution for all the challenges in measuring QA business goals, providing a holistic framework to organize and measure the increasing number of complex QA activities while providing management with the QA metrics and KPIs they need to measure performance. For more information visit www.brickredsys.com/ureport 

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