Data Protection

Both systems of information risk management and vulnerability management protect their data and applications, aid in adhering to stringent regulatory requirements, and protect market reputation to make sure the technological changes and opportunities that are part of an increasingly interconnected world are explored with safety and reliability.

New networks, databases and Web applications can suffer the hazards of software defects or misconfigurations, putting them in vulnerable positions. All systems can be at risk of cyber attackers, but those open to vulnerable risks are in more danger.  Eliminating these exposures can safeguard your sensitive information and protect your assets.

If you have concerns if your system(s) are vulnerable or at risk, BrickRed Systems can assist you by offering expert services for affordable prices in a whole range of assessment options to analyze how vulnerable your security issues are.

The assessment services BrickRed Systems evaluates the strength of your line of  defense in protecting against attacks, and then, we provide solid and workable recommendations that are based upon the possibility of exploitation, the risk, and the potential impact on your business – allowing you to focus on issues that matter the most in running your company.

Infrastructure Security

With global experience performing hundreds of infrastructure security assessments, internal and external, BrickRed Systems has identified thousands of critical vulnerabilities.

Our services include the following

  • Reviews of network architecture
  • Host and network device  configuration reviews
  • Wireless and VoIP security assessments
  • Active directory reviews
  • Social engineering and physical penetration test
  • Insider threat assessments
  • Custom services as requested
  • External and internal network vulnerability and penetration testing

Application Security

After important changes have been made to an application, It is critical to test applications and to do so at regular intervals before and after any changes have been made to your system in order to maintain a safe and protected web presence everyone can trust. BrickRed Systems’ security assessments include

  • security assessments for Web and client-server application
  • Mobile application assessments across most platforms
  • Reviews of source code for most common programming languages
  • Software development lifecycle (SDLC) reviews
  • Assessments of application architecture
  • Custom services as requested

BrickRed Systems would like to invite you to talk about your vulnerability issues because your protection and safety is our most serious concern.

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