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A Frontrunner In Providing Temporary And Fulltime Workforce Solutions

At BrickRed Systems, we know what it takes to run a business. You’ve got to have a solid plan, equipment that runs right every single day, a customer base that depends on you to keep them going, and most important of all . . . you need personnel that knows what they are doing; they have professional interpersonal skills; and they are dedicated to your cause. One misstep in lost personnel can cause delays, lost revenue, even lost customers.

We’re here to help you stay on track!


BrickRed Systems provides you with dedicated personnel with a diverse range of expertise to cater to your business’s IT or staffing needs. We offer staffing to our clients that range from temp, long term and permanent employees. The following list portrays the range of staffing solutions offered by BrickRed Systems

Contract Services

BrickRed Systems’ Contract Services is a perfect solution when you are in need for extra help due to employee illness, vacation fill-ins, or when you experience a spike in business and need those extra hands to get the job done right away. This option is perfect for those short-term fill-ins or even for longer stints to cover a few months at a time.

With BrickRed Systems’ Contract Services staff is hired out on an hourly basis. It’s an easy answer to a crucial problem and will eliminate so many stressful situations when you find yourself suddenly shorthanded. To make it even easier, we handle the typical human resources duties for payroll, taxes, etc. so that you don’t have to.


BrickRed Systems’ Permanent Placement Services is the perfect answer for when you are looking to fill the gap for permanent employees “right now.” Our HR professionals have the ability to source consultants that will match your specific needs – when you need them – making this a perfect fit for your company.

BrickRed Systems is an established, recognized name in the IT industry with a global presence. Our staff of professionals have one purpose that motivates them – providing 100% satisfaction to our customers. You can eliminate the worry and stress of ending up shorthanded. You can save time and money on advertising and the lengthy interview process – sorting through hundreds of applications. And, we provide a guaranteed provision if the employee does not fit your needs.

Having BrickRed Systems’ Placement Services can meet your staffing needs so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

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Permanent Placement Services:

Brickred Systems Permanent Placement Services are perfect solutions for companies that need resources internally but may lack the recruiting expertise or resources to attract ideal candidates. Brickred Systems can also do the job that our client can’t; namely seeking out those top performers who are gainfully employed at their current company and not actively seeking to change jobs. We are able to recruit these people for you by selling them on benefits of working for your company. Permanent Placement Services give companies the ability to immediately hire Brickred Systems Consultants as internal employees. With Permanent Placement Services, Brickred Systems and the company agree on the terms of the Permanent Placement which typically include the fee percentage and a guarantee provision should the Consultant not work out. Offshore Services: We have our own staff in Hyderabad, India. That way we off you a bigger pool of talents and at competitive rate.

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