Security Strategy

High-Performance Businesses and Governments Know That IT Security Plays an Important Role in Their Continual Success! 

Organizations face a number of key challenges around security and risk in supporting the achievement of business objectives, including business productivity, compliance and control, risk management and potential damage to the business. Market forces, some of which, include global integration, cyber warfare, and technology advancements, also impact an organization’s ability to effectively manage risk and secure valuable assets

An IT system may need protection for one or more of the following aspects of data:

  • The system contains information that requires protection from unauthorized disclosure. Examples: Timed dissemination information (for example, crop report information), personal information, and proprietary business information.
  • The system contains information that must be protected from unauthorized, unanticipated, or unintentional modification. Examples: Census information, economic indicators, or financial transactions systems.
  • The system contains information or provides services that must be available on a timely basis to meet mission requirements or to avoid substantial losses. Examples: Systems critical to safety, life support, and hurricane forecasting.

BrickRed Systems offers a breadth of information security services – organized and delivered in a logical and integrated manner to help clients meet these objectives and achieve high performance.

When Do You Need Our Security Strategy Services? Hopefully, Before It’s Too Late.

It’s all about risk. And because the threats continually evolve, new vulnerabilities appear and resources are not unlimited, risk management is key to the success of all organizations. Our security strategy services are based on sizing the appropriate security program for your organization and then implementing the right controls and taking the time to bring you education and awareness to ensure program success now and in the future. Our capabilities for helping you manage your risk will save you time and money.

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