Our SAP ECC consulting team takes a holistic perspective and tries to capture value across boundaries and between the silos, to create a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of parts, not just the individual issues. This is what we offer in the Compass engagement prior to an SAP ECC implementation.

Our Approach

we help you create the roadmap leading to the objectives you define.  We will assemble a team of deep, functional expertise in your industry, to walk you through a structured process.  At the end of the engagement, we deliver:

  • Business Case
  • Resource Plan
  • Full Project Plan, with significant milestones
  • Full cost estimate including hardware/software, consulting fees, internal costs & support

We will encourage you to precede a large project with a short Compass project. Regardless of the product, the Compass deliverables will help you to confidently and objectively select the right path for your SAP implementation.

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