From daily tasks to support for continuous improvement initiatives, YASH’s portfolio of application management services covers every phase and provides the expertise to sustain and evolve your SAP environment. An example of services can include:

Core Operational Services

• First and second level support for business users with SLA-based issue resolution/management ▪ End-user incident resolutions

▪ Causal analysis for repeat issues
▪ Routine system management
▪ Security administration

• Continuous maintenance
• Support for continuous improvement
• Software patches for installed SAP software Additional Services for Enhanced Performance
Additional Services
• Proactive application monitoring and recommendations for problem and issue resolution
• Support for planning, designing, executing and stabilizing upgrades
• Leveraging of upgraded features and functionality for full-cycle application driven business transformation
• Follow-up support for on-going live, release changes, and migrations
• Help solving acute performance problems and preventing future ones
• Periodic performance reporting and alignment with business goals
▪ Business process monitoring and execution optimization

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