Simplified Collaboration

Empowering teams with a unified, single view of the data makes the interactions with leads and customers easier.

Optimized processes

Experience consistent, customer-centric interactions across sales, and marketing, by analyzing data and testing different strategies based on analytics.

Customer-centric Automation

Create personalized and relevant messages to outreach the unique needs of the customers, triggered by specific actions of the customers.

Get expert analysis, advice, and the right strategies to find out whether you are extracting the most value of your Salesforce platform.

AI-Powered Test Automation Reports
About BrickRed Systems

Our Salesforce Services

We prioritize and foster the customer-centric relationship with our advanced CRM services. Collating the entire historical data and making it accessible in one place helps better integration among all the departments. Embark on the digital journey to define the best-fitting technology for your most challenging business goals with Salesforce.

Let us help you deliver consistent and personalized interactions with our services.

Customized dashboard

Translate your insight into action with a graphical representation of the customer relationship data

Proactive interactions

Improve the sales team’s outreach efforts and manage customer relationships with automated personalized outreach through the marketing funnel.

Cross-functional reporting and insights

Improve your efficiency with cleaned, analyzed, and sorted data with a single shared view of the information/data.

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Why BrickRed Systems?

At BrickRed Systems, we believe in unlocking your IT Capabilities
through our expertise for your advantage

Increase salesforce revenue and productivity

Automating the admin work or redundant tasks helps you sell smart and fast by keeping track of customer interaction

Unify B2B and B2C buying experience

Connect with every commercial channel by personalizing with Artificial Intelligence

Improve Agent Response Time

Unify emails, phone, and chats to managing every channel from one view to serve and support every customer better.

Integrate customer data for all roles

Build applications for all the roles and then connect them with the data with ready-made components

Experience more engaging marketing

Trigger messages based on customer’s actions and send personalized messages to the them