Process Improvement

BrickRed Systems Has the Experience to Improve Your Business’ Processes

Business process improvement (BPI) is an important element to building and sustaining your business’ success. Your BPI can decline or just stagnate as time passes, meaning that your company’s performance, its profits, and services can potentially decrease.

However, BrickRed Systems will work with you to review your current working standards, identify where loss is occurring and implement a plan to help your business meet its goals, such as these:

  • Increased Profits
  • Increased Performance
  • Reduced Overall Costs
  • Increased Project Efficiency
  • Increased Service Quality
  • Reliable Measurement Tools

We understand the importance of making these processes, such as project management, daily communication or quality assurance, as effective and efficient as possible. BrickRed Systems works on- or off-site with your stakeholders to understand your specific business needs, and we will help you to make the necessary adjustments and changes to help fulfill your goals.

BrickRed Systems Works with Your Stakeholders to Improve Your Business

In working with your BPI plan successfully, BrickRed Systems often involves your business’ senior leadership and management. This working relationship is important and valuable to us, and it is critical for success in reaching your BPI goals.

Working closely with upper management can channel the BPI throughout your organization. Changes can be difficult for many team members, and having everyone involved will make the changes more acceptable and will increase buy-in and acceptance. Your business’ commitment to improving its development is crucial to creating, implementing and sustaining success.

We Work to Improve the Processes That Matter to Your Goals

BrickRed Systems works with your business to analyze and improve the specific procedures that directly affect your goals and vision. Our professionals analyze your business’ current concerns and projected goals to understand where systems have been lacking and offer new ideas for improvement that will create the greatest rewards.

We understand that many processes are interrelated and directly affect your end products or services. Therefore, we comprehensively map your company’s process to understand the relationships and establish the best course of action.  It’s important to note that during this activity, our experienced staff verifies what areas need improvement without negatively affecting others; we focus on the BPI that best ensure your business’ success.

BrickRed Systems’ focused approach helps to improve your company’s services quickly and under budget. We have a variety of professionals and staffing options as well as software that can help to improve various technology-based business processes – meaning that your business can meet its clients’ needs effectively and efficiently.

Mapping Your Process’ Success

Using our custom mapping system, we will create a cross-functional flowchart that shows how your business’ activities interact at different managerial levels from the process’ owner to the job performer. This structural understanding allows our specialists to identify gaps, find solutions and implement them  to their end result.

Using the process-gap information, BrickRed Systems develops recommended solutions that relate specifically to the areas in question. Working with your involved stakeholders, BrickRed Systems outlines the risks involved, what the solutions are and plans the implementation process. This risk assessment also includes contingencies that will help to implement and sustain your BPI ideals.

BrickRed Systems Gauges Your Process’ Success

Before implementing the BPI changes, BrickRed Systems will establish reasonable and obtainable benchmarks to gauge your success. We also will work closely with your business leaders and team members to develop short-term, medium-term and long-term benchmarks. The benchmarks must be measurable, such as an increase in sales, in order to gauge that the changes are successful. These benchmarks often relate to your process-related goals but can also include team members and client satisfaction.

Once the company’s improvements have been implemented, our quality assurance and research teams will gauge its success based on the developed assessments. We ensure that the new planning methods, production methodologies and staff members are working to fulfill your goals and vision.

BrickRed Systems Has the Improvement Experience That Matters

We have the professional expertise to improve the processes that matter in reaching your business goals. For example, Corelytics, a financial services company, increased its efficiency and operating cost by pairing up with BrickRed Systems. By using Microsoft® Azure® to automate Corelytics’ data cleanup and email notifications, BrickRed Systems helped them increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their business.

Another success story was the improvement of AirFastTicket’s quality assurance processes through automation, upgrading it to four distinct languages. Working with BrickRed Systems has helped AirFastTickets increase its efficiency while also making its quality assurance processes more consistent.

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