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BrickRed Systems Works to Mobilize Your Company

Having a mobile presence, such as a mobile website is becoming more important for a variety of reasons. Providing your customers with a continuous connection to your business’ information, products, and services can help your company to meet and realize its goals. BrickRed Systems has the experience and expertise to develop high-quality mobile websites that meet your clients’ requirements and help to fulfil your company’s vision.

Our experience developing and launching mobile websites has allowed our partners to have better relationships with their customers and provide a better service experience. Whether you want to develop a user-centric, responsive website or optimize your current desktop website for mobile use, we employ our strengths to analyze your mobile needs, your user market, and your purpose to develop a customized mobile solution for your business.

BrickRed Systems Bases Your Mobile Solution on Your Business’ Needs

When creating a mobile solution for you, our first step is to analyze your business’ needs to verify that a responsive mobile website is appropriate for your company. BrickRed Systems analyzes your existing desktop website analytics to understand how many mobile users access it and from what type of devices and operating systems they use. We also evaluate the content and services of your customers to understand their motivation.

Using this information, we can decide the best course of action for your specific business.. Our custom services offer various mobile solutions – optimizing your current desktop website for mobile use to developing a new responsive, mobile-optimized website that adapts to numerous devices and operating systems. BrickRed Systems specifically tailors your mobile solution to ensure that it meets your business objectives and customer needs without providing unnecessary, costly services.

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Our IT professionals also work to align your mobile and desktop website to meet your company’s vision. Your mobile presence should be an extension of your desktop website and corporate strategy to provide your customers with a recognizable and consistent service.

BrickRed Systems Designs Your Mobile Website for Your Customers

A responsive mobile website is an important way for your customers to access your products, services and information in a variety of contexts. BrickRed Systems can develop a mobile website that is user-centric, meets the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines, and above all, fulfills your clients’ expectations and requirements.

BrickRed Systems uses an agile methodology to ensure your business’ mobile website is usable, responsive and appropriate for its intended users. By developing user profiles, use cases and user scenarios, we work to understand your intended client and their motivations for using your website.

We also work directly with your intended customers to ensure that your mobile website includes the necessary design features, content, and navigational capabilities required to fulfill their goals associated with your business. Through user analysis, direct user contact, and website analytics, we determine the following information:

  • Why do customers use your site on a mobile device?
  • What features are important to your customers?
  • What are the most used features that mobile customers use?
  • What frustrates your mobile customers?
  • What can we do to solve these issues?

Through this information, your mobile website’s content and services are designed to include those elements that are important to your customers and to meet your business’ objectives.

Your Client’s Goals Guide Mobile Website’s Development

BrickRed Systems’ user analysis guides your custom mobile website’s creation, including website development, iterative usability testing, modifications, release and marketing. We use an iterative process to develop, test and refine your responsive website so it better meets your company’s objectives and clients’ needs.

We utilize the technology and markup language that best works for your company’s situation. Our mobile technicians develop an initial mobile website and then work with your company and your customers to ensure its usability, content and design meets all expectations and requirements. Through this initial testing phase, we note and make the necessary changes to ensure that your website best suits your customers. BrickRed Systems then tests the product with users “again” until the end result meets with your satisfaction.

BrickRed Systems Responds to Your Client’s Differences

BrickRed Systems uses W3C guidelines and comprehensive on-site testing to ensure that your mobile website is responsive and usable on a variety of devices and operating systems. Whether your customers use iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, a BrickRed Systems’ mobile website will be accessible, navigable, usable – and will look great.

By using technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3, we ensure that your mobile website will meet your clients’ needs and requirements no matter their device or context of use. BrickRed Systems can include business and client specific elements such as

  • Typography
  • Animation
  • Streaming Video
  • Offline Storage

BrickRed Systems Can Work for Your Company and Market

BrickRed Systems’ extensive understanding of markets and client bases allows us to develop responsive mobile websites for a variety of industries. BrickRed Systems can help companies in the following fields:

  • Financial Services
  • Transportation
  • Tourism
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Retail Services

BrickRed Systems can also link your mobile website to your business servers and desktop website through leveraging Microsoft Azure or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud’s (Amazon EC2) capabilities. We can help your business provide a seamless customer experience for your online customers.

BrickRed Systems works to ensure that your mobile website brings value to your customers and their experience – from managing their financial investments to buying a new pair of shoes, BrickRed Systems can create a mobile website that makes any task easy, enjoyable and efficient.

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