Microsoft SharePoint

BrickRed Systems Will Point Your Business in the Right Direction

Successful businesses require a high-level of communication, organization and collaboration to keep things running smoothly at a reasonable cost. Developing products and services in a well-organized environment increases your business’ effectiveness and efficiency. BrickRed Systems understands the value of business-wide communication and collaboration and has the experienced technical expertise to assist your business in actualizing its effectiveness and achieving its goals.

Using Microsoft SharePoint®, our IT professionals will develop, implement and sustain the necessary internal and external processes to help you succeed. BrickRed Systems’ long-standing relationship with Microsoft® provides us with the necessary SharePoint knowledge and experience for your business to meet its vision and serve its customers successfully.

Implementing SharePoint-based processes and services, will increase communication, internal transparency and improve project-management skills throughout your organization.

BrickRed Systems Understands Your Business’s Requirements

Our professionally trained technicians take great care to understand the specific needs and requirements of your enterprise. We analyze your business and create department-specific use cases to understand your business’ internal processes and framework so that we can determine the best course of action for your company. In order to collaborate effectively with your team members, we will use SharePoint through the following applications.

SharePoint’s Intranet/ Extranet Portals/Internet Sites – Document and Content Management

  • SharePoint intranet portals are an effective way to centralize your business’ information, applications and projects making this easy access for your team members.
  • Your business will be able to locate, manage and organize its data, applications and information easily.
  • You’ll be able to manage workflows and individual projects, increase collaboration between development teams, publish content and manage content version control with much less effort.
  • Some of the benefits associated with SharePoint intranet portals include
    • Reduced Cost
    • Saved Time
    • Increased Collaboration
    • Increased Productivity
    • Recognizable User-Interface
    • Your company can use SharePoint to store, manage, and use documentation, data, and information on internal or cloud databases.
    • Centralizing your company’s content allows for better organization and increased ease of use, which can result in cost savings.
    • BrickRed Systems can centralize your business’s documents, content, and information leading to a streamlined process with less work duplication.
    • Using SharePoint can implement version-control processes to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of project and documentation management.
    • SharePoint can manage different versions of content by different authors or development teams allowing your company to manage and use legacy information effectively. This increased effectiveness will result in a reduction of duplicated work.
    • Using Microsoft Office 365® and SharePoint®, BrickRed Systems can implement a cloud-based solution to house your company’s data. This affordable option makes it easy for your team members to access, share and use information using SharePoint without the large cost of personal servers.
    • SharePoint makes it easy to collaborate with other companies by developing password protected extranet sites.
    • BrickRed Systems can develop extranet sites that provide outside companies with access to specific information and data from your business or cloud server.
    • Other businesses can seamlessly work with your company from local and offshore locations. BrickRed Systems and SharePoint can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your offshore development, while decreasing its cost through better communication, decreased travel and increased accountability (Your project managers will see the various versions and changes using SharePoint).
    • Your business can share large amounts of data.
    • Pairing SharePoint’s extranet services with BrickRed Systems and Microsoft Office 365 provides you with a high-quality and cost-effective method to interface with your partners.
    • Working with BrickRed Systems, you can design and build dynamic websites using SharePoint.
    • SharePoint allows you to manage your website from anywhere you can access the program when using Microsoft Office 365’s cloud services.

Using SharePoint to Help Your Business and Customers

Our SharePoint strategy ranges in services depending on your company’s requirements, resources and legacy processes. We ensure that your SharePoint-based solutions will fit your current business strategy, vision and align with existing processes.

BrickRed Systems’ SharePoint powered solutions will increase your company’s ability to collaborate, communicate and manage information. Our customized services will allow your business to increase its efficiency by managing and organizing information better, which can increase your cost-effectiveness and the ability to produce the high-quality services that your customers expect.

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