What is IOT

Our cars are wired, our houses are wired, animals, appliances, even people are wired with medical devices. The internet of things (IoT) is infiltrating every part of our lives – creating an easier life that runs more quickly than ever before. Business is no exception. New computer programs, gadgets, drones, coins, holographs, Big Data are working to make businesses run more efficiently, effectively, more productively: all appealing to a greater economic success. That’s great! It’s great until it isn’t. When the system stalls or worse – collapses – how is a business supposed to cope with all that is involved in the dysfunctional “internet of things”?

An equal consideration is finding the right company to support you in times of crises or in times of innovation. That is paramount. A business needs an IT company they can depend on, trust to get the job done and trust to know what is on the horizon in this big world of technology. Trust is built by smart individuals who are reliable; they do what they are supposed to do – when they are supposed to do it, and they command a “reasonable” price for a job well done. That means they are really concerned about building a strong relationship with the companies they work with because they care.

BrickRed Systems has educated engineers who are experts in design, analysis, building and testing machines. Our system architects know their business of software and hardware components, how they interface and how they interact; they live day-to-day with the internet of things. Our consultants are dedicated to your cause. We want to be sure your business is successful. To do that, we work closely with all who are involved in “your” IoT, from management, staff, even customers.

Why BrickRed Systems?

BrickRed Systems, a pioneer in IoT and an embedded systems company, offers end-to-end IoT services and solutions, which include software, firmware and hardware development. We, also, provide end-to-end product development in the area of I0T– system architecture, hardware, software, cloud and mobile application. We believe in growth by focusing on the building of strong business relationships, productivity, integrity and having competence with regard to the products and services. We believe that with our services, your internet of things will do what it is supposed to do – allow your business to progress to build your success.

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