The father of machine learning and artificial intelligence was Arthur Samuel. As an early computer programmer, back in 1956, he wanted to teach the computer how to beat him at a game of checkers. He accomplished this by having the computer play itself over and over until it had learned all the possible moves it could make. Enter into a new century and artificial intelligence is tackling the fastest-growing computer field of machine learning: deep learning – also known as deep neural networks (DNN). Deep learning is possible through layered algorithm networks, which computers use to teach themselves from acquired information that people enter into them – for example, those same computer tools that Amazon uses to recommend other products that you might like or how about Goodreads’ list of recommended books from its bookshelf or how about a movie choice from Netflix?  Those types of machine learning tricks seem elementary compared to something like Google’s no-driver car Waymo that has traveled over 5 million miles so far.

Computers are learning by sight of pictures and words and even hearing. They are processing books at a rapid speed, which at some point will mean that they will have learned everything that was ever written. They will at some point know more and be able to process more than human beings can. However, we aren’t there yet. . . .

That’s why companies still need professionals to work with them to solve the information technology problems and growth-cycles that come up – professionals that know how to work in the field of deep learning so that companies can stay current, gain strength and even grow. We, at BrickRed Systems, are those professionals.

 Why BrickRed Systems?

BrickRed Systems wants you to stay ahead of the game.  It doesn’t matter what field you are in, we have global experience in all kinds of industry verticals – such as retail, finance, healthcare and many others.  Our deep learning solutions are specifically tailored for your company’s objectives and goals.  Our solutions are fast, scalable and easy to use. We make it easy for you to develop large-scale sophisticated deep-learning models that can cover a broad set of scenarios that include building sophisticated regression models, image classification and more. If you don’t know what that is … that’s okay – because we do!  It doesn’t matter the size of your company or what your needs are, our professionals are here to listen, carefully explain your options, provide you with a well-planned analysis to help you actualize your goals and to make your deep-learning experience a success.

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