Inbound Customer Support

We provide great customer experiences while promoting your brand

We will provide your customers with all the information they need about the company, product or service you provide, as well as the benefits of your company and discounts you provide.

Outbound Customer Support

Boost your productivity and efficiency by focusing on key responsibilities

Our customer support agents will contact your customer on behalf of your company. The customer will communicate with a real person and not a machine. Establish a relationship of trust with your customers.

Technical and Help Desk Support

Our specialists work with companies of all sizes from diverse industries around the clock

We offer more in-depth technical assistance for your customers around the clock and handle your technical support in a variety of ways, including by phone, email, live chat or video, chatbots, online tutorials and how-to’s, message boards, and other logging tools.

Services we provide to Support Across Channels

Our experts turn potential problems into outstanding customer experiences.


As soon as a consumer encounters a snag or has a query, assist them. Outsourcing customer assistance through chat results in quick replies that demonstrate your concern, increasing client retention and loyalty.

  • Convert consumer dissatisfaction into net positive interactions.
  • Respond to every client conversation that comes in as quickly as possible.
  • Integrate your chat app with omnichannel support tools seamlessly.

In app

Provide consumers with the assistance they require, when and when they require it. Solve problems, answer inquiries, and assist consumers without needing them to leave your app.

  • Increase client retention by providing real-time, in-app assistance.
  • With BrickRed System’s support in-app, you may connect with your users.
  • Give your consumers another reason to use your app.


Email is an excellent tool for providing comprehensive help to consumers. Outsourced customer service BrickRed Systems can help consumers get the most out of your product by responding quickly and thoughtfully.

  • Respond to every email from a client as soon as possible.
  • Provide individualized email assistance.
  • Provide sophisticated technical help and troubleshooting to customers.


With outsourced customer care, your company is only a phone call away from assisting with everything from basic password resets to complicated technical issues. We provide Ninja-speed phone assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Improve your CSAT scores.
  • Your clients will be impressed if you provide prompt, competent phone assistance.
  • Respond to client inquiries with the personal touch that only a human voice can provide.

Social Media

Meet your consumers where they already spend their time – on social media. Our employees can reply to consumer inquiries in real time while maintaining a consistent brand voice.

  • Within minutes, provide consumers with actionable help.
  • Reduce mishaps and safeguard your brand’s image on social media.
  • Make it simple for consumers to boast about you on the internet.

Give your customer the service they expect

Comprehensive Support for Improved Customer Satisfaction

Why Brickred Systems?

Certifications and Standards

BrickRed Systems is fully accredited for both the ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management) and ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security) standards.

Saves Time & Resources

Give your team the bandwidth to focus on growth by delegating routine support processes to our experts.

Seamless Integration

Competent in 100+ support systems, we’ll build your team around the technology you already use.

Designed For Your Company

We assemble a team of dedicated experts that fit your company culture and are uniquely equipped to meet your needs.

24*7 Work

We are one of the organizations that operate round the clock. If you want to ask anything or have a query to clear feel free to contact our amicable executive who will be more than happy to help you out.


Cost-effective service that helps your
business grow

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We improve your customer experience and brand reputation.

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Rapid solutions to the most complex business
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What Our Customers Say About Us

BrickRed has been a great partner for H.H. Brown. They understand our needs and always develop solutions that focus on return on investment. Brickred has delivered great value with our software projects.

Director@H.H. Brown Shoe Company

The Brickred team is a very competent and professional group of Security specialists who have demonstrated an ability to provide excellent results. We are extremely happy with our working relationship with Brickred and look forward to engaging them on future projects.

Mr.Chad Bhandari
- CEO@SeattleAppLab

The technical and management people at BrickRed delivered a high quality solution on time and on budget. They are easy to work with and consistently kept us informed of the project status. Brickred shows a great commitment to customer satisfaction and it is a pleasure to work with them.

Mr. Chand Bhandari