Cloud data security is a necessity

Protecting data in the cloud is one of the hottest issues for organizations needing to keep their sensitive data safe. Often perceived as a significant barrier, security in the cloud brings with it a lot of questions that the average person just doesn’t have time to find answers to. This can lead to companies lagging behind in a very fast information processing, technological world. Subsequently, they are missing out on all those advantages that the cloud has to offer. However, there are cloud providers who can deliver a platform foundation of strong security – but, ultimately, protecting your data is your responsibility.

Enterprises are under continuous attack. With the proliferation of mobile devices that plug into enterprise infrastructure, every application that depends on cyberspace is at risk. To address security throughout software development and the delivery lifecycle, providers of cloud applications should consider these areas:

  • Vulnerability in identity and access management
  • Data loss prevention
  • Web security
  • Security assessments
  • Email security
  • Encryption
  • Intrusion management
  • Business continuity
  • Network security

We, at BrickRed Systems, offer you a comprehensive service in cloud security. This tailored service is highly flexible and covers the most complex security requirements, and it is scalable to your needs.

Why BrickRed Systems?

We offer managed cloud security services through our global network of security operations, enabling you to tailor the level of security that you need for your budget, risk appetite and compliance needs. Having defensive protection for your site and its content – before something happens – is always a smart decision.

No matter where you are on your journey to the cloud, we have the comprehensive solutions to protect your sensitive data and applications.

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