Cloud Competencies and Experiences

The growth in software as a service (SaaS), mobile applications, and the explosion of application programming interfaces (APIs) has caused an outburst of endpoints, resulting in fragmentation of the enterprise. The interoperability within an infrastructure’s devices and platforms has always posed problems.

Cloud storage opens up a wide variety of possibilities to solve those problems. Having the option to move data to the cloud increases storage, allows for scalability, cuts down on costs, reduces maintenance problems, etc. Applications hosted in the cloud give a company the security they need by having everything available 24/7.

BrickRed Systems’ IT technicians can help you choose the best cloud platform for your needs. After setting up your cloud platform and uploading your data, we can manage it for you – giving you the freedom to manage your business. We are renowned cloud service providers and are here to save you from the complexity and drudgery of doing it yourself. With platform as a service (PaaS) options available to you, our expert teams can manage your chosen cloud platform with ease. PaaS allows the running of applications in the cloud without the hassles of maintaining, constantly upgrading and scaling the hardware and software infrastructure that is soon to be part of the good old days world of computing.

It doesn’t matter what service you choose.

    • Amazon Web Services, a secure on-demand cloud services platform with database storage, content delivery and other options to help businesses grow, or
    • Microsoft® Azure® which is a public cloud computing platform, which provides a range of services including computing, analytics, storage and networking, or
    • Salesforce makes revolutionary business applications, served from the cloud, its simplicity, scalability, and reliability where one just needs to log in and starts using it,

Our cloud management expertise has you covered.

Why BrickRed Systems?

BrickRed Systems services will make transitioning to the cloud easy. Our professional staff can work with you and your team through every step of the process. With both infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or Paas, our services include migration and monitoring solutions to give you flexibility, allowing your system to run efficiently. Scaling web applications, setting up testing environments or experimenting with high-performance computing (HPC), BrickRed Systems and its partners will make your computer experience a smooth and easy transition.

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