Continuing its quest to improve the level of staff efficiency and healthcare provided to its community, our client (a health-care giant) realized the need to implement cross–platform apps to support its healthcare information and patient care management systems. Also to develop multiple mobile apps to provide  support for future health-care information-technology applications.


BrickRed Systems proposed Azure Mobile Services that accommodated Novartis current and future mobile-application requirements for mobile-application delivery to permit an interruption and obsolescence-free phased implementation. Windows Azure was able to provide the flexibility to power the mobile apps using Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, or Mobile Services.  With native SDKs for Windows Phone and Windows Store, Android, Apple iOS, and HTML5, Windows Azure Mobile Services lets you reach every user on every platform. Patients were provided real-time updates using Service Bus Notification Hubs


Our extensive experience and effective handling of outsourced projects on Azure have helped our client take care of their product at different stages, smoothly, without any difficulties, and they remain focused on sales and strategic planning. The solution is still in progress but following are the benefits:

1. Scalable and flexible solutions
2. Cross–platform application
3. Abstraction over existing system
4. Real-time updates

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