Client released change every 2 weeks, which goes in 4 different portals. However every new change in a system needed regression testing, and smoke testing. This was a huge burden on the QA team, and the team quickly realized the need for automation testing, in order to be able to release changes to production faster.


Along with the client, BrickRed decided to use Selenium for the web driver and created a custom model-based framework on top of it. Also the scripts were using a data-driven testing approach. The benefits were:

1. Reduced the time to create script
2. Easy and fast maintenance
3. Same tests for all 4 portals
4. Multi-browser support


Our client now has a maintainable test suite and reduced QA cycle time for regression testing for as much as 60%, while increasing the coverage and meeting quality goals. Our client can respond quickly to issues found in production and perform full-blown regression test under 5 hours on 4 portals.

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